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REPAL Construction Co., Inc. fulfills many project needs
with a design/build approach to construction.
A design/build construction process allows for the formation of a development "team" - a distinct advantage ensuring the timely and consistent standards of construction quality, supplying services from initial conceptual plans, through design and engineering,
through procurement and into actual construction.

As part of a design/build contract, REPAL will work with you to organize an Owner, Architect-Builder team, beginning
with the design phase. Working with your architect, or an architect chosen by REPAL, we together, create the optimum environment to ensure your desired results. Under this model, we serve as your representative and take on the responsibility of getting the bids in, soliciting prices, and forming the development "team" to build the project. A
most important feature of the design/build team approach is the opportunity to save up to 25 percent of project costs.

More than 66 percent of all work done in the construction industry today is now awarded on a negotiated basis - by contrast to 33 percent of the work only 25 years ago. According to McGraw Hill, 1995 was the first year that more contracts were let on a design/build basis than a plan and spec basis.

The primary driving forces behind design/build are:

  • Fast-track delivery
  • Litigation avoidance
  • Single-source responsibility
  • Up-front value engineering
  • Early guaranteed maximum prices
  • Change order reduction
  • Fewer overall headaches

Owners who hire our firm for design/build are looking for:

  • Quality
  • Structure
  • Methods
  • Communication patterns
  • Business philosophy
  • Systems

When selecting a design/build firm today, look beyond bricks and mortar; look to REPAL for specialized expertise and experience.

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